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“I was happy to find Blu Butterfly a few months back when I was feeling very confused and unsure of myself, it’s seems so long ago now, but Blu gave me so much clarity and strength. I was able to see my value as a person and begin to separate from my difficult situation. Sometimes people give too much and get taken advantage of. It’s easy to get lost and not see things for what they really are. Blu helped me get my self esteem back and I was able to see that I deserved a much better relationship than the one I was in. I am so thankful for her kind words and coaching. It’s still hard for me to grasp how others would choose to intentionally hurt someone and take advantage of their goodness. I believe in myself again and many new doors have opened up for me. Thanks so much to my Blu butterfly coach for making a huge difference in my life!”

– Sara Minett
Elementary School Teacher

“I’ve tried traditional therapy, hired a life coach, reiki, read self-help books, and listened to motivational recordings. Knowing the problem and moving past it are two different things. Blu Butterfly techniques work, and I was able to conquer my issues and move ahead.  Also, how she delivers her program is inspiring: she has an ability to connect, and make significant, real, and positive change happen. After six years I landed the job of my dreams. I’m just saying… Blu Butterfly has helped me in ways that other traditional and non-traditional forms of therapy and support did not.”

– Lynne Homan

testimonial-image-0111“I am so grateful I found Blu! I feel as if she was sent to me by the Universe to help me get myself back on track and become the person I was meant to be. When I contacted her I was going through a time of upheaval in my life. I was floundering and moving into old and highly destructive behavior patterns. She helped me quickly shift the energy so I was able to gain control of my thoughts and behaviors. Thanks to Blu’s help, I am moving forward again in a much more positive direction. She is helping me in both my life and my business. She is not only a coach but also a cheerleader, motivating me to stay on the path. She provides the perfect blend of both practical and mystical guidance to help. She gets to the root of each issue in minutes, helping me to see why I do what I do. Next, she gives me simple ways to create new energy patterns so I can take the action steps necessary to get what I really want. She is quick and to the point, but she is highly caring and compassionate. When you work with her you feel that she is truly invested in your journey. She is a wonderful coach and teacher and working with her has been a tremendous blessing in my life. Thank you Blu!”

– Kim Mazzella
Life Coach & Massage Therapist, Teacher of A Course of Miracles




More testimonials on the way!