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Find Your Spiritual Self

Published on Wednesday, July 26, 2017
Written by Spiritual Enlightenment Coach Blu Butterfly

“A spiritual state and presence of mind can come from knowing there is something bigger than us and that we are all connected on the planet Earth—or that every living thing co-exists on a concrete level while there is an energetic, vibrational ebb and flow in nature.”  (Click here to read the full article)


Rye Resident, Blu Butterfly Spreads Positivity

Blu Butterfly, a Spiritual Enlightenment Coach from Rye, is dedicated to spreading light and love. She works on a level of emotional connection with clients, through a practice based on the foundational belief that divine healing powers are available to all. Blu believes that kindness to others raises a person’s vibration and manifests their desires.

Blu has recently written, The White Light Prophecies, a mystical movement of seven prophecies designed to create positive outcomes in the lives of individuals and the world. Through her book, videos and coaching practice, she shares her own search for enlightenment and reveal a transformative approach to personal growth. Blu’s mission is to aid all living things.

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Blu Butterfly was a guest on The Debbie Nigro Show
Friday, July 24th, 2015 10-11am, Talk AM 1490 WGCH
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