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Invite White Light.
Helping people reach their potential in themselves,
their relationships, and career.

“My intention as an intuitive coach is to gracefully channel divine
energy as a connector, developing a mutually understanding
relationship of trust and support with my clients.”

Blu establishes a confidential relationship of support and trust, maintaining the clients pace of healing and “their experience.” Blu connects on a spiritual and emotional level with her clients, keeps them moving towards positive outcomes, and encouraging them to reach their fullest potential.

Blu begins by hearing the client, the issue; personal, family, professional or work related. Tapping into their energy field, intuitively seeing blockages or information in the form of images, sounds, entities, and visions. “Our experiences are held in our field,” Butterfly says. Blu and her client discuss whether energetically removing this block will help to solve the problem or achieve a goal.

Blu performs remote/distant energy healing with White Light to shift away blockages and release patterns of belief from client’s HEF, connecting with divine energy and light. Blu will do a long distance Reiki healing treatment on the client.

White Light is divine Light, shifting away negativity and darkness. Only to be used for good. White Light is positive, healing, and balances energy.

Reiki channels energy to the seven chakras in the body, to release blockages and restore the energy flow.

Clients may reach deeper levels of understanding and awareness in themselves through intuitive coaching. Clients may be able to express new ideas and expand their outlook, creating positive outcomes and achieve higher self-esteem.

Clients receiving remote/distant White Light energy healing, may experience the clearing away of negative and dark energies or obstacles preventing them from attaining a goal. Clients receiving long distant Reiki, may open the flow of energy in their person’s body. This may nourish, balance, and energize, encouraging a healthy state of being for the client.

Initial Client Intake Form:
Each new client will have to fill out this form and return to me.
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Intuitive Coaching and Energy Healing
30 Minute Session – $100
1 Hour Session – $150

Phone, and In-Person sessions are available. To set up an appointment, please email Blu at blu@blubutterfly.net

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