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The White Light Prophecies

Written and Illustrated by Blu

The White Light Prophecies is a mystical movement of seven prophecies designed to create positive outcomes in the lives of individuals and in the world. The author describes her search for enlightenment and reveals a transformative approach to personal growth. Her belief is that divine healing powers can be available to everyone.

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Benefits: Dreams come true • Change to a higher vibration • Feel calm and peaceful • Joy in your heart • Achieve your goals

“Light is the purest form of the universe. It’s beauty, the greenness of the grass, the bluest of skies, and the yellow color of a flower.”

“A wonderful statement of personal actualization. The author reveals her own pathway to healing and human fulfillment. Blu Butterfly shares her own journey and how she came find her identity as a spiritual guide. Readers will be able to understand her steps to achieving greater inner peace and outward luminescence. The book is an ideal choice for someone looking for a new route for finding happiness.”
– Dr. Jeff Taylor, Professor in Arts Management