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“I see a beautiful
garden of flowers.”

Blu raised in New York, her focus has always been about helping people. She studied fine arts in college, and became influenced by spiritual books and self-transformation. Progressively, identifying her extra-sensory abilities. Blu has been utilizing her abilities as an Intuitive Coach for three years. Clairvoyance; receives images, symbols, and future events through vibrational frequency, clairaudience; extrasensory hearing from spiritual or ethereal realms, clairempathy; sense or feel a person’s emotional experience, and clairprescence; the ability to sense spirits. Blu is a natural healer, trained with Korean healer, Mujin Choi for two years, and is proficient in energy healing techniques. Blu is certified in Reiki I with Master Jody Raso and Reiki II with Master JoAnn Duncan. Blu became a certified Reiki Master, by Master JoAnn Duncan on October 1, 2017. Blu was ordained as a Minister-Priestess on April 23, 2017 by Reverend Dan Chesbro, Order of Melchisedek and is able to legally marry couples in the US. Blu completed her Intuitive Wisdom Certification with Havana Wellness Studio, operated by DeeAnna Nagel, LMHC, CIHC, & BCC. Ms. Butterfly is presently working towards her Wellness Coach Certification vetted by the International Association of Health Coaches. She dedicates herself to healing positive outcomes for her clients.

Blu Butterfly is a member of the Westchester Holistic Network.

Blu has written and illustrated her spiritual guide, The White Light Prophecies.